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Our experience has enabled us to recognize the need to customize our business banking services for our clients in knowledge-based industries. We've responded with innovative solutions that make financing available to emerging Information Technology companies like yours:

Financing with Loans for KBIs

In assessing a loan application, we look beyond the balance sheet to see your intangible assets. We rely heavily on the quality of your management team and your customer base. We acknowledge the value of ideas and intellectual property, and the collateral of market potential.

Financing Investment Tax Credits (ITCs)

Knowledge-Based enterprises often have to make significant investments in research and development (R&D). Financing ITCs is regarded as a means of financing R&D, but major changes in government regulations have made ITC financing difficult to get. We review each case individually and consider all of the factors involved, including your previous track record and who completed or audited the ITC claim.

Financing Contracts (Sold Work-In-Process)

KBI companies often encounter gaps in cash flow when they're working on long-term contracts (such as applied research contracts). Working with our partners in government, such as the Export Development Corporation and Canadian Commercial Corporation, we can provide the necessary financing.

Financing Foreign Sales

As an exporter you must consider the credit risk of your foreign buyer, but it is not always possible to receive cash in advance for your goods. If you are selling products and services outside of Canada, we offer several payment options to help limit your financial risk and improve your cash flow:

Foreign Collections: Obtain payment or acceptance of a draft before your buyer takes delivery.

Letters of Credit: Get assurance, prior to manufacturing, that you will be paid for goods upon shipment.

Payment Guarantees: Assure clients of your financial integrity with respect to international contracts.

We also offer loans against outstanding receivables in the US and other countries including Australia, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and the UK.

Other methods of pre-export or medium term financing are available in conjunction with our partners such as Northstar Trade Finance and the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

Venture Capital

KBI can provide introductions to RBC Venture Partners™, a dedicated team of investment professionals investing venture capital and growth equity on behalf of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Venture Partners is focused on the financial services industry through two funds. Click for further information.


We can also help you tap into alternative financing such as leasing from RBC Royal Bank Leasing.

Our Small Business Specialists

We can also offer innovative products, specifically designed with small businesses in mind. Here are just a few of the services that we can provide to help your business grow:

  • 24-hour banking services (including Internet, telephone and automated banking machines)
  • Business deposit account options
  • Credit Lines
  • Equipment financing & leasing
  • Exporting information and resources
  • Foreign exchanges services

For a comprehensive list of the products and services that may be available for your business, visit our Small Business On-line Resource Centre.


Find out how we can connect your business to our network of connections with Associations and Advisory Councils in the Information Technology industry.

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