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Grow Your Business With RBC Royal Bank

Life Sciences and Health Care Industries are experiencing exponential growth. This industry has an annual growth rate in Canada of up to 20 per cent creating a $36 billion industry.

At RBC Royal Bank, we take great pride in our role facilitating this growth. We do so by meeting our client's many and varied needs with our unique four-step approach to KBIs:

  1. Specialize Our Life Sciences and Health Care specialists have extensive training and experience delivering services for the growth of knowledge-based companies.
  2. Customize Our Life Sciences and Health Care specialists are flexible and respond to opportunities for your company's growth with proactive advice and creative strategies.
  3. Innovate We have a wide range of products and services designed specifically for growing companies, such as tax credit financing, cash management and investment management.
  4. Collaboration Through Networks The right connections can help make things happen. We can connect you with our network of contacts in industry-related associations, academia and government. We can also work our internal relationships within RBC Royal Bank Financial Group to help you grow your company by going global or going public.

Read an RBC Royal Bank success story about how we worked closely to help a Canadian company grow.


Find out more about our innovative financing products and services for Life Sciences and Health Care businesses.

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