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We understand the unique nature and operations of Media & Entertainment businesses. In fact, RBC Royal Bank has been the leader in providing financial services and support to Canada's Media & Entertainment industry for over 15 years. Our team of specialists has an impressive track record helping a wide variety of clients in:

  • Film and TV Production
  • Radio and TV Broadcasting
  • Animation
  • Music Publishing
  • Post-Production
  • New Media and more
Read our on-line success story for an example of how RBC Royal Bank helps Canadian companies in Media & Entertainment.
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We also understand that successful businesses in Media & Entertainment share common characteristics:

  • International opportunities
  • Co-production partnerships
  • Need for strong, creative financial and legal expertise and
  • Few physical assets.

Specialized Services for Media & Entertainment Businesses

Our understanding of Knowledge-Based Industries (KBIs) extends to our knowing that Media & Entertainment businesses are unique and have their own special needs from a financial institution. In response to this, we have created a business life cycle approach to KBIs.

Life Cycle Approach

  1. Through partners, we are reaching out identifying and nurturing technologies with company creation potential
  2. You're experiencing rapid growth and need expert advice and services to help you manage
  3. You need a financial partner with a global network of services and contracts
  4. You need an expert team to help you access capital markets

Whichever stage of the life cycle your business is in, our KBI Media & Entertainment specialists can help. To find out more, select the appropriate stage of the life cycle for your business:

Company Creation
Grow Your Company
Go Global
Go Public
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Company Creation
Grow Your Business
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