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Starting a Business

Working with RBC


Protecting Your Business

As a business owner, your family and personal life are tied to your business situation. By looking closely at how events in your business could affect you, you can identify the risks.

Talk with an insurance professional about what kind of insurance you need and how much coverage to buy.

What concerns you? What will protect you?
As a new business owner how can I protect myself? For new small business owners with no insurance, there are various Life and Living Benefits Insurance products which can provide personal life, disability and critical illness coverage to protect you, your family, and your business.
What if I, or an employee, get too sick and unable to work? A Group Benefits PLan can protect you, your employees and their families in the event of illness or disability. A well designed grouyp benefits can replace some or all of your income when injury or illness leaves you or an employee unable to work. It can also help attract and retain quality employees.
What do we do when one partner becomes to ill to work? You can protect your company with Key person insurance. It can provide the funds you need to pay off debts and provide working capital while a suitable replacement is recruited and trained. Key person insurance can be life insurance, critical illness insurance or any other appropriate product.
Can I buy out a partner who passes away? If you have joint first-to-die insurance coverage, it will fund a buy-sell agreement to ensure that any surviving partner(s) in a business can "buy out" a deceased partner and continue operating.
What happens to my business if it's affected by fire or theft? Fire and theft can shut your business down overnight. Property insurance protects your premises and equipment and can provide the funds you need to get back up and running. If you work from home, make sure your property insurance covers your business assets and activities.
Will my car insurance cover me when I use my car for business purposes? When a vehicle is regularly being used by employees, and/or for making deliveries, you will only be covered by Auto insurance if you have a commercial policy. The right coverage insures protection from liabilityassociated with motor vehicle accident, as well as covering vehicle repairs or replacement.

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