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Combining RBC Rewards points from your Business Avion® accounts**

Select one existing Business Avion card into which all unredeemed points earned to date and all future points earned on supplementary cards will be combined.

If you choose to combine your RBC Rewards points, all points earned to date on any of your Avion accounts will be combined.

The combined points from supplementary cards will be displayed on the Visa statement in the RBC Rewards points box as: "Points from supplementary accounts". Statements for supplementary cards will display a new points balance of zero each month.

All cards will be required to have the same statement date as that card into which points will be combined. This alignment of statement dates will cause a one-month delay in the display of combined points on the statement of the card into which points will be combined.

Combining RBC Rewards points between your Business and Personal Avion cards

This feature is only available to Business owners. Employee cardholders who also have a Personal Avion card are not eligible to combine points. If there are multiple Business owners and the company is combining RBC Rewards points from all Business Avion cards into the account of one Business owner, then only that Business owner will be able to also combine RBC Rewards points between their Business and Personal Avion cards.

If you choose to combine your RBC Rewards points, all points earned to date will be combined.

Reduction in annual card fee for supplementary Business Avion cards

The Business Avion card with the earliest open date will be automatically deemed to be the business' primary card and charged the $120 annual fee and all others will be deemed to be the business' supplementary cards and each charged the $50 annual fee.

If the primary Business Avion card is the Business owner's card and the Business owner also has a Personal Avion card then the primary Business Avion card may be charged the $50 annual fee.

Supplementary Business Avion cards will no longer receive enrollment or renewal bonus offers or be eligible for special offers. Please contact a Business Banking Representative if you prefer to designate a different card as the primary card.

For more information on how to combine your reward points or apply for additional cards for your business or yourself, simply call us at 1-800-ROYAL® 2-0 (1-800-769-2520) or talk to your Business Banking Representative today.

® Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada.
* Registered trademark of VISA International Service Association. Used under license.
** For more information, see the Business Avion Terms and Conditions for RBC Rewards.

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