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Step Ahead One-on-One Mentoring Program

WHAT IT IS: A unique Toronto-based program, with plans to go national, that teams women striving to take their businesses to the next level with experienced female mentors who help guide them on growth.

WHAT YOU GET: A year-long relationship with an experienced mentor who provides at least three hours per month of guidance. Plus 12 monthly educational and networking sessions, covering business strategies for women entrepreneurs and featuring dynamic guest speakers.

COST: $995.00 for protegees.

INFO: 416-410-5802 e-mail or visit

Uniquely Canada

WHAT IT IS: An innovative business development program to help home-based or micro-entrepreneurs in the product or gift producing industry break into wholesale markets and access global opportunities.

WHAT YOU GET: 1. Product Development - personalized written feedback with advice, ideas and suggestions for improvement on your products and promotional materials as well as practical advice on how to develop your products and take them to the next level 2. Business Preparation Guide to prepare yourself for the marketplace.

COST: $60

INFO: 1 800 672-0103 or e-mail to or visit or

W.I.N.G.S. (Women in Networking Growing Strong)

WHAT IT IS: A mentoring organization with chapters throughout southern Ontario that brings experienced businesswomen together with those new to business in a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere.

WHAT YOU GET: Network/Mentoring meetings (breakfasts, luncheons, coffee mix and mingles, or Evening WINGS Spa and Wellness parties), trade shows, events and promotion of your business on its Communications/Referral site.

COST: $50 annually; cost of meetings (between $10-$30) extra

INFO: 705-424-4213, e-mail:

Web Sites
This is the official Web site of Step Ahead, a mentoring and networking organization that provides educational and practical learning opportunities for success-oriented women business owners. Step Ahead has two facets: a One-on-One Mentoring Program and Networking Sessions. The site features program schedules, upcoming events, members' success stories and mentoring resources. It also offers the ability to join online for those interested in accessing the exclusive members-only section that includes event summaries and a detailed listing of networking contacts.
An initiative of Women in Motion, this site gives youth the unique opportunity to connect with working role models at a distance. It provides a searchable database of men and women in various industries and allows students to engage in e-mail communication to seek career advice. Students, parents and educators can also order career materials online and the site has links to useful career-related materials and other Web sites.

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