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They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

In the case of Marianne Bertrand, this would definitely ring true.

Inspired by a gift of ineffective dog boots for her rambunctious Bassett hounds, Marianne set out to build a better mousetrap, or, in her case, a better dog boot! The seeds of innovation had been sown and "Muttluks" was born.

Like most start-up entrepreneurs, Marianne faced the daunting task of handling all aspects of her business by herself, from product design to advertising to shipping. She knew that if Muttluks were to succeed, she would need solid financial services help that would first enable her to set up her business and then continue to support her as it grew.

In RBC she found the right partner and services.

Marianne's Account Manager told her about the RBC Royal Bank® Visa* CreditLine for Small Business™.

To get access to the credit she needed, Marianne simply completed an online, one page application and was able to secure financing quickly through a features-rich credit card.

The RBC Royal Bank® Visa* CreditLine for Small Business™ provided Marianne the convenience of credit card at credit line rates of interest in addition to flexible repayment terms.

And, there was more!

The RBC Royal Bank® Visa* CreditLine for Small Business™ rewards business owners like Marianne for their business spending through RBC Rewards - rewards, which Marianne was free to use for business or personal items and travel. No other bank offered a line of credit product with this feature at that time.

With her financing in place, Marianne was able to set up her office, retain suppliers and get down to work, secure in the knowledge that the experts at RBC had provided her with a total credit solution.

And work she did.

Since Muttluks began in 1994, Marianne's business has grown from a small, home-based operation, to a 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Toronto. Her quality canine "paw wear" is now available throughout North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

As her business expands, RBC continues to work, in partnership with Marianne, to provide the right financial products and advice to keep her business moving forward.

Or, as her Basset Hounds might say, moving pawsitivley forward.

Credit line rates on a credit card.
It's another way RBC puts business first.

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