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Business Succession

Why Make It A Priority?Why Make It A Priority?

RBC service and expertise impressed both the seller and buyer of this window manufacturing company.

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How Your Business may Benefit:

  • Adds a competitive edge
  • Enables business continuity
  • Keeps the momentum on business growth
  • Increases value for your business
  • Opens the range of options

How You Benefit Personally:

  • Prepares you for the next stage in your life
  • Ensures sufficient level of income in your retirement
  • Helps minimize the tax impact on the sale of your business
  • Addresses family members’ interests and concerns
  • Puts you in control of your future and the future of your business

Your Guide to Success

1. Creating your Team of Advisors
2. Your Exit Options
3. Determining the Value of Your Business
4. Maximizing the Business Value
5. Financing the Business Transition
6. Handling Tax and Legal Issues
7. Preparing For Your Retirement

Start With your RBC® Commercial Account Manager.

With industry-specific advice and experience, your RBC commercial account manager is available to help you get started on your business succession plan. Working together, we can provide advice specific to your business and individual needs and introduce you to a financial advisor for personal retirement planning, or to our extensive industry and professional network, if you require.

From Dowturn to Upside: New thinking on business succession for today's economy. Download RBC White Paper.

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Speak to a Private Banker

Find out how we can work with you on a comprehensive wealth plan. To learn more about our personal succession planning capabilities speak with a Private Banker today.

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Your Essential Road Map. You can use this workbook to make notes as you work through your succession plan. Enter information by hand or type directly into the document. Learn More.

Your guide to transitioning your business. This guidebook will help you plan a future for your business and yourself. Learn More.