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Protecting Your Health


Everyone's heard about the high cost of American health care. A hospital stay could set you back thousands of dollars, so why risk it? Top up your provincial health plan or your company's health insurance with extra coverage such as that offered by Travel HealthProtector®.

  • Review your car insurance and consider additional coverage for accidents involving under-insured drivers.
  • Review your home insurance to find out how often your home must be checked while you are away. Be sure your policy covers damage from ice, water and sewer backup.
  • With an RBC Royal Bank RBC® Rewards Visa Preferred Card, travellers under the age of 65 enjoy out-of-province/country 31-day medical insurance.

Emergency Numbers

Expand RBC Insurance Travel HealthProtector® Assistance Centre

Expand Royal Bank Visa

Expand Royal Direct

To call Canada from outside North America, dial operator for overseas access number (oan). Canada's country code is 1.

Dial: (oan)-1-area code - telephone number


Traveller's Tip

Check the expiry date for your car and driver's licences.

Arrange for a close friend or relative to contact you in case of an emergency.

Make sure someone you trust knows where to find your will, power(s) of attorney and other important papers.

If you take prescription medicine, make sure you buy enough in advance of your departure and take advantage of your provincial health plan. Bring a copy of your prescription with you. U.S. customs requires a prescription or doctor's note for certain types of drugs.