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In these terms, "we", "us" and "our" mean the applicant and each owner, partner, principal, officer of the applicant. "You" and "your" mean Royal Bank of Canada.

We certify that all the information we are supplying to you is true and complete. We understand that Newcourt Financial Ltd. ("Newcourt") is acting as your agent in processing this application. If this application is approved, Newcourt will assume all obligations under this application, and will be providing us with a lease agreement for our consideration. We acknowledge that this lease is for business purposes only and not for personal household use.

We confirm that the applicant is a resident of Canada and that the leased equipment will be located in Canada.

We hereby agree and confirm that this application shall be deemed to constitute a "writing" for the purposes of any statute or rule of law that requires the application to be in writing and expressly waive any right to raise any defense or waiver of liability based upon the absence of a writing. We will not challenge the admissibility of a printout of this application under any existing laws of evidence.

From time to time,

  1. You may collect credit and other financially-related information (including information relating to our transactions) about us ("Information") from us, from service arrangements we have made with or through you, from credit bureaux and other financial institutions, and from references we have provided to you;
  2. You, from Newcourt, may use information as follows:
    1. to give it to credit bureau, to other financial institutions, to persons with whom we have or may have financial or other business dealings, and, with our consent, to other parties,
    2. To determine our financial situation,
    3. for any purpose related to the provision to us of services we request from you. You may also give it to Newcourt or anyone who works with of for you, but only as needed for the provision of those services, and
    4. you may use our social insurance numbers, if applicable, for income tax reporting purposes if we have given that number to you; and
  3. You may also use Information for the following purposes:
    1. to promote your services to us. You may also add it to client lists you prepare and use for this purpose,
    2. to share it with other members of RBC (where the law allows this) so that they may promote their services to us, and
    3. you may also use our social insurance numbers, if applicable, as an aid to identify us with credit bureau and other financial institutions for credit history file matching purposes.

We may tell you to stop using Information in the ways described in (c) at any time by contacting our branch or by calling you toll-free at 1-800-Royal-7-0 (1-800-769-2570). You acknowledge that the use of Information in the ways described in (c) is at our option and that we will not be refused credit or other services just because we have told you to stop using it in those ways.

For the purposes of (c) (ii), other members of RBC include your affiliates which are engaged in the business of providing any one or more of the following services to the public in Canada: deposits, loans and other personal financial services; credit, charge and payment card services; trust and custodial services; securities and brokerage services, insurance services.

If we are no longer your client, you may keep Information in your records so long as it is needed for the purposes described in (b) above. You publish a brochure about client privacy - "Straight Talk About Client Privacy"- which outlines some matters relating to Information (e.g. where it is stored, how to verify or correct it, etc.). We may obtain a copy of this brochure at any of your branches in Canada or by calling you at the toll-free number shown above.

I / we  to the above terms

I / we do not agree to the above terms and wish to exit

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