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An RBC Royal Bank KBI success story: ORBI-XXI Productions Inc.

ORBI-XXI and a unique idea

It was on January 18, 2000 that producer Jacques W. Lina founded ORBI-XXI in partnership with businessman Julien Béliveau. The partners launched their production house after purchasing the rights to the television series Téléromans PQ and the documentary Histoire de l'humour au Québec. "I had been in the communications, media and publishing business for over 25 years, and I wanted to capitalize on my knowledge and create my own company," says the president of the Montreal-based company.

"I had extensive experience in producing service programs and wanted to explore other avenues. Since I was interested in content, I went into documentary production," adds Lina.

ORBI-XXI decided to focus its energies in the justice and society niche. "We wanted to stand out from the competition by producing documentaries on social and legal issues. Our goal was to be recognized as experts in this niche," explains Lina.

ORBI-XXI's clients include Global, CBC Newsworld, RDI, Radio-Canada, Canal D, Historia, TQS, TVA and a host of other Quebec broadcasters.

ORBI-XXI and RBC Royal Bank

With only two employees, ORBI-XXI has managed to position itself well in the Quebec and Canadian markets. "We try to keep fixed costs as low as possible. By hiring skilled contract workers as needed for specific periods of time, we can better control costs," says Lina.

As soon as ORBI-XXI was launched, RBC Royal Bank's Media & Entertainment division began partnering financially with ORBI-XXI.

"We have an excellent relationship with RBC Royal Bank. We have established a relationship of trust with the personnel who help us finance our various projects," maintains the president of ORBI?XXI.

ORBI-XXI is synonymous with success

In 2002, ORBI-XXI was nominated for three Gémeaux awards - the annual French-language TV awards - for two of its production pieces, Dossiers Justice and Téléromans PQ. "ORBI-XXI is starting to make a name for itself and to be appreciated," says Lina.

Several ambitious projects will see the light of day over the next few months, as ORBI-XXI seeks to develop a project that will allow it to break into the international market.

ORBI-XXI will continue its development in documentary and fiction production by targeting different niche markets with projects that will have more and more potential on the Canadian market and for international distribution.

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Success Story: ORBI-XXI Productions Inc.

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