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Starting a Business

Assemble Your Support Team


Assemble Your Support Team

Racing drivers have their pit crew. Authors rely on researchers and editors. NASA astronauts have Mission Control. No voyage is truly solo, and you shouldnít try to go solo when youíre starting a business.

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of waiting to talk to or find advisors. Talk to them early on. An RBC small business advisor will give advice for free.



A lawyer will help you with incorporation, business documentation, contracts and more. An accountant will set up your company books, assist with your business plan, offer tax planning and more.
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Mentors and Networking

Your banker will provide you with advice and help set up the banking arrangements that are right for you. Get industry information and advice from people in your line of business.
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Donít forget: these service providers have handled the affairs of dozens of businesses. Think about who you know who can help, and build your team of advisors with experienced key players and professionals.

Who do you know who can help?

Help you need Who can offer it?
Mentors and networking contact

Industry information, sounding board, advice based on similar business exprince
Key suppliers, people who once ran similar businesses, people who currently run similar but non-competing businesses, potential customers, an RBC banker who has exprience with small business in your local market.
Professional advisors

Professional services such as banking, accounting, legal and consulting advice.
RBC small business advisor, accountant and business lawyer.

Banking That's Right for You

Our small business advisors are experienced in helping businesses at every stage of development. Come in and talk with us.

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