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Steve's Automotive

Steve's Automotive

In the early seventies, Steve Booy had no idea that the RBC account he opened to deposit the modest earnings from his paper route would lay the foundation for a long-term relationship with the bank.

But that's exactly what happened.

Fast forward to 1988.

With the help of RBC, Steve fulfilled his boyhood dream of "tinkering under the hood" and became the proprietor of Steve's Automotive in Woodstock, Ontario.

Steve is like most small business owners.

He stakes his reputation on the quality of his products, the know-how and expertise of his capable staff and, at the cornerstone of his business, superior customer service. Simply stated, Steve puts his customers first.

So in 2004, when a devastating fire destroyed Steve's business and most of his business records, he needed someone to put his needs first - and help him get his business - his livelihood, back on track.

Enter Steve's RBC account manager Mamadou Sakho.

Steve describes their relationship as a true partnership.

"It's not a situation where Mamadou sits on one side of the table and me on the other, explains Steve, "it's a collaborative approach and it makes all the difference."

After the fire Steve knew he wanted to not only rebuild his business, but expand it. Problem was, as Steve said, "you don't plan for something like this and I didn't have a business plan prepared". Mamadou stepped in and together they developed a comprehensive plan that addressed all his needs.

Their efforts paid off in record time.

Within five months, Steve had rebuilt and expanded his former six-bay garage into a state-of-the-art, nine-bay facility; fully operational and open for business!

"It's peace of mind really", claims Steve. "Mamadou understands my business, what I want to achieve and can tell me the financial solutions that will work best for my needs - All in all, we make a great team!"
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