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Agriculture and AgriBusiness

Farm Finance

Time to play defence? Fall 2008
Kohl's notes Spring 2008
Kohl's notes Winter 2008

The 'whole farm' approach Nov. 2007
Call the specialist Apr. 2007
Straight talk on amortizing quota Jan. 2007
New technology turns waste into revenue Jan. 2007
What financial statements say about your farm Jan. 2007

Asking the tough questions Nov. 2006
Kohl's Notes Nov. 2006
Smart barn financing Sept. 2006
The farm visit: what your banker’s looking for Jun. 2006
The $50 billion question Feb. 2006

What’s next for rates and the dollar? Feb. 2005

Rising C$ hurts some, helps others Jul. 2004
Your financial health Jul. 2004
CAIS – A new direction for Canadian farmers Apr. 2004
CAIS Program – How it works Apr. 2004
Make your move Apr. 2004
CAIS Program Deadlines Apr. 2004
CAIS 101 – A glossary of terms Apr. 2004
Choose the right protection Apr. 2004
New beginnings, new choices Apr. 2004
Small investment may yield big returns Apr. 2004
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