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Starting a Business

Assemble Your Support Team


Mentors and Networking

If you have experience in your industry:

You will probably know several key players and customers whose opinions you respect. Seek their advice in any way you can a phone call, perhaps, or take them out for breakfast or lunch. As you get to know them, ask whether you can call on them periodically to share information about your progress and get their reactions.

If you are entering a new sector:

You will need to build a network from scratch. Contact people in similar businesses. Speak to potential clients and get feedback on your ideas. Join industry associations and attend conferences and networking events and identify key people who could provide you with market intelligence, contacts and ongoing feedback.

What mentors and networking contacts can offer:

Industry information, a sounding board and advice based on similar business experience.

Who can offer it?

Key suppliers, previous owners of similar businesses, non-competing business owners, potential customers and an RBC banker with experience in your local market.

Banking That's Right for You

Our small business advisors are experienced in helping businesses at every stage of development. Come in and talk with us.

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