Legal Disclaimer

1) Additional fees and charges will apply for services and transactions exceeding $6 per month.

2) Night and Day deposit may not be available in all areas.

3) If your transactions exceed the stated limit of the plan, fees are charged for each additional transaction. To help reduce your fees regular (paper-based) transactions will be applied first to the package limit.

4) Fee waiver applied only to minimum monthly fee when daily minimum balance is maintained for the entire month.

5) For information on current interest rates, how interest is calculated and what may affect this calculation, please visit your branch or call 1-800-769-2520.

6) The minimum monthly fee applies if your minimum monthly balance falls below $2,500 or your debit/credit transaction fees fall below $9.00.

7) One debit or credit fee is waived for each $2,500 monthly balance on deposit.

8) Free for items deposited is $0.20 for the Canadian Business Current Account.

9) Eligibility and allowable limit are determined by the provincial and federal governments. For more information, visit (opens external website in new window). In Quebec, AgriInvest is delivered provincially by La Financiére agricole. For more information, visit (opens external website in new window)

10) Additional fees apply for services and transactions other than the ones listed.