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Mobile Banking

Expand - XYZ 1. What is the RBC Caribbean mobile app?

Expand - XYZ 2. What do I need to use the RBC Caribbean app?

Expand - XYZ 3. How do I get started with mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 4. How much does the RBC Caribbean app cost?

Expand - XYZ 5. What language options are available?

Expand - XYZ 6. Which accounts can I access in mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 7. How do I reset my Password Verification Questions?

Expand - XYZ 8. Can I store multiple usernames?

Expand - XYZ 9. How do I add, modify or delete a payee?

Expand - XYZ 10. Where can I find my pending transactions?

Expand - XYZ 11. How do I switch between companies?

Expand - XYZ 12. How do I view my joint accounts?

Expand - XYZ 13. Do permissions carry over from NetBank?

Expand - XYZ 14. Why are some transactions in the RBC Caribbean app and not in NetBank?

Expand - XYZ 15. Can I make credit card payments?

Expand - XYZ 16. How do I make contributions to my investment (Roytrin) Accounts?

Expand - XYZ 17. How do I send a Wire Transfer in mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 18. Do I need to release transfers in mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 19. What is a trusted device?

Expand - XYZ 20. Why did I get signed out of mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 21. Why did I get locked out of the mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 22. What happens if I get a new phone?

Expand - XYZ 23. Who do I contact for help with mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 24. Can I modify a post-dated transaction?

Expand - XYZ 25. What permissions does the app need?

Expand - XYZ 26. How do I uninstall the RBC Caribbean app?

Expand - XYZ 27. Is mobile synced with my online accounts?

Expand - XYZ 28. Can I get Alerts?

Expand - XYZ 29. How do I sign out of mobile banking?

Expand - XYZ 30. Is my password saved on the device?

Expand - XYZ 31. What happens if I lose my device?

Expand - XYZ 32. Are transactions made with mobile banking secure?

Expand - XYZ 33. Why was I warned about using mobile banking on a rooted device?

Expand - XYZ 34. What's the best way to protect my privacy?