RBC Electronic Statements (eStatements)

e-statementsAre you tired of organizing paper statements?

There's a better way to get organized without filling up those old filing cabinets. In 2016, we provided you with the ability to view an electronic copy of your account statement via the Services /eStatement menu in our new Online Banking site or the View eStatements menu option in NetBank.

Effective February 6th 2017, you can now choose to receive eStatements only for your Banking/Chequing, Savings or Credit Card accounts versus receiving printed statements in the mail. Use the new “Manage eStatements” option in Online Banking to change your statement option(1) from “Paper” to “Electronic only” in Online Banking.

Take advantage of this new Free, Environmentally Friendly, Convenient and Secure feature in Online Banking.

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You can access your eStatement(2)as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version of your account statement within Online Banking.

eStatements look the same as paper statements* and offer you even more value, convenience and security with benefits such as anytime/anywhere viewing. Online Banking will allow access for up to 18 months of statement archiving(3).

*View a sample of eStatementspdf

Key Features and Benefits
Access eStatements anytime, anywhere View or save eStatements to your own computer
Access up to 18 months of archived eStatements Includes the free viewing of Credit Card, Savings and Banking eStatements
Protect your account data from mailbox theft Save paper and help protect the environment by changing your statement option from “Paper” to “Electronic only”

(1) Choosing Electronic only gives you access to eStatements without receiving printed statements, while the option Paper allows you to access eStatements and receive printed statements.

(2) Electronic statements will not be presented in a consolidated format as each of your accounts will have its own eStatement.

(3) If you were receiving paper statements, 18 months of Electronic Statements will be archived from April 2016 forward.


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eStatements are automatically available in Online Banking.

Not an existing Online Banking client?

To View and Manage eStatements you will first need to enroll for Online Banking. Enrol now!

How to View eStatements and Manage eStatements:

In our new Online Banking site:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • On the main menu bar, select the drop-down arrow at “Services
  • Select “eStatements
  • On the “eStatements” page insert the account and Statement range available option and click on Search for a listing of available eStatements
  • Click the eStatement you would like to view OR click the “Manage eStatements” option

In NetBank:

  • Sign in to NetBank
  • Select “eStatements” from the main menu and navigate to “View eStatements” in the sub-menu
  • Select the account and the start/end date or time period and you will see available eStatements
  • You can then view, save and/or print eStatements as required.
  • Select “eStatements” from the main menu and navigate to “Manage eStatements” in the sub-menu

We ask that you please consider the environment before printing your eStatement.


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Expand - XYZ 11. After changing my statement option to “Electronic only” can I change back to “Paper”?

Expand - XYZ 12. Am I required to agree to special terms and conditions when changing my statement options?

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