Private Banking

At RBC Private Banking our main priority is you and your family. By bringing all of our people under one roof you will benefit from a unique personalized service which is hassle-free and saves you time and money. You will also have a qualified and experienced expert manage your financial affairs.

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At RBC Royal Bank Private Banking, our service philosophy revolves around our personal relationships with each of our clients. That’s why, rather than presenting you with a selection of Private Banking packages, we’ll invest time at the front end, getting to know you, your family and your goals.

Then, using our exclusive wealth planning process, we’ll complete a multi-step analysis of your liquidity, debt and risk management, investments and estate plan. Next, we distil this understanding of you and your family into a wealth plan that addresses your needs today and helps you create the path to a better future.

Finally, we bring the experts together from within and outside RBC to bring every aspect of your plan to life.

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First in line to deliver your Private Banking experience is your dedicated Private Banker, who is supported by a Private Banking Associate and a specialized service response team. Each member of your team understands your complete financial picture.

Collectively, their purpose is to help you achieve your goals while assisting you with the ongoing management of your finances. To ensure the proactivity and responsiveness you expect in a private banking relationship, each Private Banker manages a finite group of clients.

Our Client Profile

Private Banking clients are typically business owners, wealthy families, executives or professionals who prefer personal relationships with a trusted advisor and team, to dealing with multiple service providers. Each client receives ongoing, tailored Private Banking solutions, created by a dedicated team and encompassing a minimum monthly fee.

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As a Private Banking client you will experience the highest level of care, which includes:

  • Personalized service at our Private Banking Centres located in the jurisdictions of Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Barbados and Cayman
  • Direct contact with our Specialized Services Response Team to service your transaction needs
  • A dedicated relationship manager – your Private Banker – who acts as your advocate throughout all areas of RBC and accepts your instructions by telephone, fax or email and setting-up of permanent instructions
  • Mobile Private Banking meeting our clients at their preferred location, as well as, priority service at all RBC Branches
  • Borrowing solutions designed specifically for the high net worth client, such as customized structuring of credit facilities and higher limits on RBC personal and business credit cards
  • Your Private Banker and credit specialists draw from a sophisticated suite of credit tools to create responsive solutions and a long-term plan to address your needs. Your credit vehicles may include:
    • Line of Credit
    • Exclusive Black Platinum Credit Card (annual membership fee waived)
    • Customized structuring of borrowing facilities with preferential pricing (at minimum same pricing and/or discounts as Professionals Package)
    • Financial solutions for complex borrowing needs
    • Leveraging debt to increase wealth and net worth
    • Flexible long/short term lending solutions
    • Financing on second homes, construction or investor properties
    • Overdraft Facilities*
    • Non-resident/USD financing*
  • Deposit Products & Services
    • Private Banking Operational Account PLUS a combination of any three of the following accounts for one flat monthly fee: 
      • Regular Savings Account
      • Business Current Account (Holding companies only)
      • US Savings Account*
      • In addition to the four accounts comprising the basic Private Banking package, each dependent child within your household under the age of 18 and/or each full time student under the age of 25 is entitled to a free Leo Young Savers Account or Regular Savings Account, respectively
      • Personalized/Private Banking branded cheque books (clients can also choose regular cheque books)
      • Unique Private Banking Debit Card
      • Customized daily limits at Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals
      • No charge for large deposits via over the counter*
      • Free rental of a small safe deposit box or equivalent discount on a larger safe deposit box
      • No service charges on:
        • Standing orders
        • Certificate of account balance / certificate of interest paid
        • Additional bank statements*
        • Local and foreign currency drafts
        • Renewal/replacement of client card
        • Bank Reference Letters*
        • International access to ATMs and POS through RBC Royal Bank Visa Debit

*Not available in all markets. Speak to your Private Banker to learn more about the solutions listed above.

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If you prefer to take a more active role in your investments, your Private Banker will work with you and partner with wealth management experts and investment advisors to match your needs and the discretionary investment management you require.

You will have an unparalleled selection of investments to choose from – everything from government bonds, corporate bonds, international equities, mutual funds and derivatives.

Your Private Banker will help you choose which investments are right for your individual situation based upon your needs and preferences. Always keeping a watchful eye on your overall wealth management strategy, your Private Banker can captain a tailor-made team of specialists to meet your needs.

To keep things simple and personal, your Private Banker will remain your key point of contact for all of your RBC relationships.

The Private Banking Team Provides:

  • Discretionary Investment Management
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Other Services
RBC Private Banking Team

Dwight Burrows

Dwight Burrows
Regional Vice President
Private Banking

(242) 823-6929

Monique Crawford

Monique Crawford
Area Vice President
Credit Structures

(242) 356-8622
(242) 422-6604 

Derek Sturrup

Derek E. Sturrup
Regional Manager
Private Banking Associates

(242) 502-5100
(242) 376-1463

Sonia Miller-Bowe

Sonia Miller-Bowe
Private Banker

(242) 356-8541
(242) 357-7254

Tamasaine Emmanuel

Tamasaine Emmanuel
Private Banker

(242) 322-2045 Ext. 67029
(242) 815-0050

Farentino Knowles

Farentino R. Knowles
Private Banker

(242) 822-3433

Osborne Lockhart

Osborne Lockhart
Private Banker

(242) 818-3317 

LaShanta Joffre

Lashanta Joffre
Private Banking Associate

(242) 356-8665

Jamal Levarity

Jamal Levarity
Private Banking Associate

(242) 502-5124

Louna Mitchell

Louna Mitchell
Private Banking Associate

(242) 356-8628

Clemia Smith

Clemia Smith
Private Banking Associate

(242) 397-5179



Contact Us

Visit our Private Banking Centre at:

  • Royal Bank House, 101 East Hill Street, 4th Floor, Nassau

Or call 1-242-356-8665