RBC Business Essentials Advanced


With 50 transactions per month, this account is ideal for businesses with higher transaction volumes and/or high daily balances. Enjoy no monthly fee with a minimum daily balance of $1,000,000. Some of the key features and benefits of this account are shown below:

Features & Benefits

  • Economical monthly package fee, which offers the most value for money
  • No monthly fee if a minimum daily closing balance of $1,000,000 is maintained for the month
  • Package includes up to 50 FREE transactions (in-branch customer generated debit or credit transactions and cheques; non-branch credits for cash and cheque deposits; electronic debits)
  • Minimum balance consists of 250 units of the respective currency
  • Business Chequing Services
  • Save even more when you bank electronically
  • Pay lower fees when cash and cheque deposits are made via safe and convenient non-branch channels e.g. night and day deposit services.
  • Access to our Digital Banking Solutions
  • Sole Traders and Simple partnerships where there are no more than two (2) partners and the signing authority on the account is any one (1) to sign, can also enjoy convenient access to ATM and Point of Sale transactions wherever the VISA or PLUS logos are displayed.


Please refer to our Business & Corporate - Schedule of Fees & Service Charges for fee details.