Cash Management & Payment Solutions

Effective cash management strategies are essential to managing your business.

We offer a full range of services that are tailored to meet your needs and give you maximum control over your business finances on a day to day basis.

By discussing your specific needs and preferences, we can set you up with the right tools and arrangements to optimize your banking experience.

Automated Direct Credit and Electronic Payroll Services

RBC's Automated Direct Credit service enables you to electronically submit payment instructions to the bank, at your convenience. This service allows you to make a wide variety of individual and mass payments such as payroll, and vendor payments, to automatically credit your employees and other payer accounts at RBC or other local banks.

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Automated Direct Debit

RBC's Automated Direct Debit service allows you to electronically submit collection instructions to the bank, at your convenience. This service allows you to collect recurring, fixed or variable receivables from your customers where you have their pre-authorized consent to automatically debit their account at RBC or other local banks.

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Bill Payment Collection Services

RBC Bill Payment Collections Service enables you to receive payments from your clients electronically. This makes it easier for you to collect your funds and offer convenience to your customers who can now manage their bills and payments their way - anytime and anywhere.

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Working Capital Solutions

RBC's Working Capital Solutions is an automated revolving line of credit to help meet your short-term financial needs.

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Merchant Services 

Grow your business and positively affect your bottom line with our innovative and secure payment solutions.

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RBC Business Credit Cards

RBC Royal Bank offers business credit cards to suit your business needs.

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