RBC Rewards Visa Business Platinum

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With the RBC Rewards Visa Platinum card, earning points couldn't be easier. Simply use your card for all your purchases, in store or online, and receive 1 RBC Rewards point for every $1 USD or $2 BBD you spend. 

Learn how at www.RBCrewardscaribbean.com

Pool Points- You can combine your business RBC Rewards account with your other accounts in the RBC Rewards programme.

Roll up your employee' reward points to your own RBC Rewards account. You decide who can redeem from the pool of your RBC Rewards points#.

Ask your Account Manager or branch representative to set up a pool for your business accounts.

RBC Rewards Points are easy to manage

Every month, you can track your RBC Rewards points total on your latest credit card statement. You can also call the Call Centre and dedicated RBC Rewards agents for rewards inquiries or visit www.RBCrewardscaribbean.com Opens a new window

RBC Points are easy to redeem

Enjoy your RBC Rewards your way

Travel without restrictions

You can fly on ANY airline, ANY flight, ANY time or book any Cruise Line or any Hotel

Your redemption can even include taxes and fees.

There are no hidden fees, blackout periods or seat restrictions.

Three unique ways to redeem your RBC Rewards points for travel.

  1. Complete freedom to book online or with any travel agency using your card and then redeem your RBC Rewards points to pay towards the travel purchase on your credit card statement.
  2. Book through RBC Rewards, online or with a live agent.
  3. Redeem for travel gift certificates to use for future travel or to give as a gift

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Features & Benefits

Expand - XYZ Cash Back Credit

Expand - XYZ *Free USA SkyBox address for online shopping

Expand - XYZ AVIS Discounts of up to 20% & Free Upgrades

Expand - XYZ Concierge Service

Expand - XYZ Exclusive Website with special offers

Expand - XYZ International Emergency Medical Service

Expand - XYZ Free Emergency Services

Expand - XYZ Free Visa Travel Accident Insurance

Expand - XYZ Free Auto Rental Insurance Coverage

Expand - XYZ Travel assistance

Expand - XYZ Free 24hr/365 day access

Expand - XYZ Dedicated Global Service from Visa Int’l Service Centre

Expand - XYZ How to make a claim

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Get 1,000 Bonus RBC Rewards Points!

  • Receive 500 additional points when at least one cardholder on the account registers online at the RBC Rewards website.
  • Receive 500 additional points when at least one registered cardholder on the account opts to receive e-marketing offers.

    Learn how at www.RBCrewardscaribbean.com Opens a new window

Your RBC Rewards account will earn an additional 500 RBC Rewards points when at least one RBC Rewards cardholder on the account registers and creates a profile at www.RBCrewardscaribbean.com Opens a new window, provided the cardholder is a new RBC Rewards member or an existing member without a profile at time of registration. Finally, your RBC Rewards account will earn an additional 500 RBC Rewards points when at least one registered RBC Rewards cardholder on the account opts to receive e-marketing offers. Please allow 2-3 business days for bonus RBC Rewards points to be posted to your RBC Rewards account. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. This offer may not be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer. A maximum of 5,000 bonus RBC Rewards points will be awarded per account. Bonus points and earned points have a maximum four (4) years term, and expire at the end of four (4) years, based on first-in first-out (FIFO) principles. Bonus points are awarded one time per account. Returning clients can qualify for bonus offer if account has been closed for a minimum of 24 months.

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Chip & Pin for the highest level of security

The RBC Royal Bank Visa credit card features state-of-the-art Chip & Pin technology, thanks to the chip embedded in the card, providing significant protection against counterfeiting and fraud.

The added protection through the use of a PIN adds peace of mind if your card is ever lost or stolen. When you make a transaction at the chip-enabled terminal, you’re in control. Simply insert the card into the terminal and leave it there, follow the prompts and enter your PIN. 

Managing your PIN

With your RBC Royal Bank chip and PIN credit card your PIN becomes a key security feature of your transaction. It is very important that you remember your PIN and never disclose it to anyone.

A few tips to help keep your PIN safe

  • Never write down your PIN or store it electronically.
  • Choose a number that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Avoid numbers such as your date of birth, phone number etc.
  • Always shield the PIN pad when entering your PIN
  • If you suspect your PIN has been compromised, call the number on the back of your card to change it immediately.

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The convenience of contactless payments

The new contactless feature included on the RBC Royal Bank Visa card is at no additional cost. It lets you pay for small purchases quickly and securely at locations that accept contactless transactions.

Pay with confidence and ease

This feature uses chip technology to provide you with one of the most secure contactless payment systems in the marketplace. Your card never leaves your hand, so you’re always in control.

See Security brochure.

Step 1: Look for the symbol at checkout counters 

Step 2: Wave your card over the secure terminal or hold it on the terminal

Step 3: Wait for approval and you’re ready to go!



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  • Copy of certificate of incorporation or registration (also Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation as applicable).
  • Satisfactory credit history (alternatively, the bank may consider secured facilities).
  • Completed, signed and stamped business credit card application forms.
  • Copy of current financials (Preferably audited).
  • Copy of latest board resolution where applicable.
  • 2 forms of ID for each business cardholder (PP, ID, DP).
  • RBC Royal Bank Deposit Account.