Personal Line of Credit

Personal Line of Credit.

Clients may need additional financing or access to cash for unexpected needs during the year e.g. new investment opportunity or medical expenses.

A temporary increase on the Personal Line of Credit can be arranged to solve for these specific needs.



Revolving Credit ACCESS – You can repay and reborrow with approved limits
Personalised limits starting from USD$5,000  PEACE OF MIND – funds readily available to meet goals and limits are aligned to your income and expenses
Preferential Pricing AFFORDABLE – enjoy RBC’s most cost-effective financing solution for your personal needs
Low cost options SAVINGS – Enjoy even lower pricing if collateral is provided
Unsecured lines available FREED-UP ASSETS – your life savings and properties remain unencumbered
Interest only repayment CASH AVAILABILITY – frees up your cash flow until you choose to repay principal
Flexible principal repayment

CONTROL – Principal repayment can be customized to your individual needs with either adhoc payments using any channel or automated recurring payments set up via Mobile Banking or Web

FREE Digital Banking access

CONVENIENCE – bank on your own terms – monitor transactions without having to visit the bank

FREE monthly e-Statements

EASY ACCOUNTING – track outstanding loan balances and quickly reconcile your operating account via digital banking platform