RBC High Interest Bearing eSavings

A premium eSaving account that allows clients to manage their savings online. This account offers tiered interest rates so as your balance grows, interest earned increases.


  • Minimum opening deposit: $50,000
  • Pay no monthly service charge and bank for FREE by maintaining your account balance requirement*
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum monthly balance of $50,000 and paid monthly
  • Unlimited FREE ATM transactions (RBC card at RBC machine locally)
  • RBC Royal Bank Visa Debit Card available
  • Free access to Digital (Online & Mobile) Banking and Tellerphone Banking 
  • Free quarterly eStatements


  • An ultra-premium electronic savings account that offers tiered, premium interest rates for clients that are very serious about saving
  • Competitive earnings as higher rates are paid for higher balances
  • Encourages discipline of maintaining a savings base
  • Access to RBC ATMs and other ATMs and POS merchants wherever LINX, Visa or PLUS logos are displayed
  • Easy access to account balances and transactions
  • Easy record keeping

*Please refer to our schedule of fees and service charges available in branch and online.