Why RBC Royal Bank?

  • Affordable – Flexible repayment terms with you in mind
  • Convenience – Quick and easy on-line application process
  • Individually customized to meet your needs
  • Friendly and efficient customer service

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Owning your own vehicle allows for greater independence, added convenience and time savings.

With funding from RBC you can purchase your dream vehicle today.




Up to 100% financing on the cost of the vehicle Peace of mind – No down payment required
Competitive rates Affordable costs
Flexible repayment period Improved Cash Flow – longer repayment term will attract smaller Instalments or borrow for a shorter period and reduce costs
Multi-channel access for applications Convenience - to choose how you apply
Low cost insurance Security – protection in the event of death, disability and critical illness
FREE Digital Banking access Convenience – monitor outstanding balance without having to visit the branch

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Most of us generally work within a fixed budget based on our monthly income.

Major life event goals such as home improvement /marriage tend to surpass current savings or limits available on Lines of Credit/Credit Cards.

Additionally you may prefer to have a structured repayment plan to ensure that large credit balances are reduced by a specific time.

We can also simplify your finances by amalgamating your current loans with RBC and other financial institutions for one easy payment.

This will allow you to accomplish more life events in the future. In these cases, a RBC Consumer Loan is the ideal solution. 



Borrow an unlimited amount based on your ability to repay AFFORDABLE – protection from over commitment
Fast approvals SPEED -  saves your time
Optional low cost
protection in the event of death, disability and critical illness
CAPITAL PROTECTION – your assets are protected giving you peace of mind
Flexible repayment terms in line with salary TAILORMADE - variety of options to cater to your specific situation
Competitive rates REASONABLE COSTS

Personalized attention though our Sales Professional

EXPERT ADVICE - professional guidance every step of the way

Apply online through at anytime

CONVENIENCE – 24/7 on-line application process


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A loan designed to assist individuals (full-time students only) in financing the cost of tertiary education and living expenses during the course of study. No special Tertiary Education program is available for part-time students (Refer relevant Personal Loan Product).

Target Group

For full time students only 

While the beneficiary of the loan will be the student, this product targets the parent or guardian who will be the primary borrower and must be pre-qualified to service the projected debt of the full costs for the entire duration of the programme. The student may or may not be a co-applicant, however for loans converted to blended payments after completion of study, students who were not initially party to the loan may be added as a co-applicant or takeover the debt (once they are capable) after the period of study.

Features and Benefits

  • Repayment method:
    1. For immediate blended payments - (Refer Personal Loan product offer)
    2. For Tertiary Education special loan program:
      • Stage One - Monthly interest payments only during the period of study (plus a maximum of six months after completion of study is optional).
      • Stage Two - Thereafter, equal blended payments over the remaining term
  • Maximum term:
    1. For immediate blended payments - (Refer relevant Fully secured or Unsecured offer)
    2. Special Tertiary Education program:
      • Stage one - Maximum term* - Full/Remaining duration of study plus optional six months to secure job.
      • Stage two - Thereafter maximum term of 5 years to liquidate loan in equal monthly blended payments

* Maximum term will vary based on type of program (e.g. study term for medicine may be seven years compared to Business Administration which may be four years. In each case, the client can service the interest for the entire duration regardless of this period but will still only have a maximum period of five years to repay loan in full).


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Frequently Asked Questions

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