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Trustee Services.RBC Trust(Trinidad and Tobago) Limited has been established since 1959 and is widely regarded as the leading provider of trust services in Trinidad and Tobago.


Personnel: We have a dedicated team of professionals at your service, with a wide range of national, regional and international experience in providing trustee services. As a result we are proud to say that we have the expertise to handle both large and complex matters while bringing added value to the transaction.

Value: RBC Trust Trinidad and Tobago has a strong in house legal experience with in house legal counsel who can review the majority of transaction documents on the client's behalf, once there is no conflict of interest, saving you time and money in the long run.

Independence: As an independent company from our Merchant Bank and Investment Management Company, we are all governed by separate Boards and provide freedom from conflicts of interest. Additionally, we are subject to rigorous independent audit reviews from both internal and external auditors.



Personal Trust

Protecting your estate for loved ones after you have passed.

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Corporate Trusteeship

Independent monitoring and ensuring the security behind an investment.

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Employee Benefit Plans

An investment in securing the future of your employees.

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