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By answering the questions below - you will receive a detailed analysis of the current and future health of your farming business.

Equity / Liquidity / Profitability / Sustainability

Please indicate the following information from your most recent Balance Sheet and Income Statement to determine your equity.
Total Farm Assets:
Total Farm Liabilities:
Current Farm Assets:
Current Farm Liabilities:
Total Farm Expenses:
Net Income: $
Number of Partners:   
Interest Paid:
Fees / Withdrawals:
How much of your land is leased:
In this next section please indicate by checking the box if you feel these areas are strong in your farming operation. If you do not feel that are strong, leave them blank.
Natural Resource Base: land, water, labour
infrastructure, roads, agribusiness
financial stability
political stability
access to markets

Management Assessment: objective bias for action
calculated risk taker
think in systems rather than components
strong human relationships manager
develop next generation of management
good communication skills
passion for the industry


Note: If you are a farming operation that produces a commodity - fill in the Commodity Producer check boxes. If you are a farming operation that produces a value-added product - fill in the Value Added Producer check boxes. Fill in only one set of boxes or the other depending on how you view your farming operation.
Commodity Producer:

know cost of production
have marketing plan
timetable & checkpoints
system monitoring
tools for risk mitigation

Value Added Producer:

know cost of production
have marketing plan w/ alternatives
system of client relationship mgt
system of quality control
plan for next product development

Saving For Your Future:
Transition Planning: written business plan
written estate plan
management succession
updated plan w/ team of advisors

Insurance / Security: disability insurance
life insurance
long term health
key person
long term medical coverage or self-insured

Technology Assessment: system of traceability
process for updating
2-6 hours training each week
success in adopting technology
system for updating info & technology

Environmental Assessment: waste & nutrient management plan
soil testing
records that document procedures for environmental and natural resource practices
little pressure from development & recreational use
long term land arrangements if leasing

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