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Farm Business Management

Here you can learn something new or brush up on some key skills by exploring the insights and perspectives we’ve gathered that cover all aspects of business management.

Agriwebinar: Setting Your Business Up for Success

As farm families continue to manage their businesses in a fast-changing environment, the need for active planning becomes increasingly important. While there may be a number of resources available to help with the planning - gaps remain. According to Farm Management Canada's 2015 Dollars and Sense report, only 25% of farms have a formal business plan. Terry Betker, President & CEO of Backswath Management Inc., can help. Join Terry for this webinar, as he uses a foundation of three key alignments to illustrate how farm families can apply generally-accepted planning practices to their everyday business management needs.

Agriwebinar: Your Farm - Your Future, What's the plan: A Farm Succession Planning Conversation

What do succession, retirement, transition and planning, mean to you? As individuals and farming families, we may all have different definitions for these terms. In this webinar, Scott VanEngen, Financial Planning Specialist with RBC® Wealth Management Services, suggests that the vision of what the future looks like is more important than the actual technical steps required to get there. We will identify key planning opportunities for five critical questions that can be reviewed with your farm’s advisors, arming you with the questions and ideas that will enable more fruitful discussions about your farm or ranch operation. The ultimate goal of this webinar is to help you create a list of priority action items to focus on in order to move forward and secure a bright future.

Agriwebinar: Balancing Business and Financial Risk

Risk in the agricultural business can't be avoided, but we can learn to balance it. Listen to this online seminar by Michael Langemeier, professor from the department of agricultural economics at Purdue University, for a better understanding of the relationship between business, financial and total risk. Learn how business risk differs from financial risk, and how the total risk of your farm operation is impacted by factors such as a rising interest rates or taking on more leverage.

What's Your Next Move?

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