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Secure Your Financing Before It’s Time To Buy

Getting the right equipment at the right time and at the right price is critical to driving your business forward.

But if you cannot get the financing you need fast enough —whether due to asset lender restrictions, the cost and complexity of multiple financing agreements, or concerns about equipment financing risk—your business may be impacted. Not only does this uncertainty create expenses, and delays, it also means you might not be able to acquire that equipment you’re depending on. The more equipment you plan on buying during the year, the trickier the whole process becomes.

What if you could secure the right financing before it’s time to buy?

Maximize Your Financing Flexibility

Ideal for businesses that need to make recurring equipment purchases, the RBC Equipment PurchaseLine® gives you the flexibility of a revolving credit line with both lease and term borrowing options. It can be set up ahead of time and re-used as you pay it down to purchase other equipment, so you’ll know with certainty how much credit you have access to for the whole year.

Benefits of the RBC Equipment PurchaseLine

Maximize your flexibility
Simplify the process and accelerate the purchase
Customize the solution to fit your risk appetite
Better manage acquisition costs

Find out how our equipment financing solutions can benefit your business.


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