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Deposit cheques from your office at anytime

Cheque-Pro is an electronic cheque depositing service that allows you to deposit cheques into your CAD or USD business accounts through RBC Express online banking or RBC Online Banking for business.

Convenience and Control

  • Conveniently deposit from your place of business – whether you have one location, or multiple locations, Cheque-Pro makes it easy
  • Save money on courier and transportation costs with fewer trips to the branch
  • Deposit multiple cheques in a single session for fast, easy accounts receivable and cash flow management
  • Receive same-day credit for deposits made prior to 10 p.m. EST on regular business days(1)
  • Make fewer account adjustments since deposits must balance before being submitted to the bank
  • Eliminate the use of paper deposit slips - virtual deposit slips are created during deposit sessions
  • Capture and store deposit and cheque data, to export or print information captured during deposit sessions(2)
  • Review and research deposit information through search and the multiple reporting options up to 90 days(2)

Choose Cheque-Pro or Cheque-Pro Plus

Submit unlimited deposits using Cheque-Pro or Cheque-Pro Plus and include up to 250 items per deposit. View, print and save images of cheques deposited online for up to 90 days(2).

Additional Benefits of Cheque-Pro Plus

Cheque-Pro Plus is a more robust version of Cheque-Pro and offers enhanced reporting and information that can be captured at an item-level during the deposit session to improve accounts receivable and reconciliation processes. There is also information that can be captured and exported using a standard QuickBooks report.

Cheque-Pro vs. Cheque-Pro Plus Reporting


Cheque-Pro Plus

Deposit up to 250 cheques per session
Deposit from multiple locations
Deposit Details Report
Client User Export Report *
Client Account Export Report*
User Activity Audit Report*
Deposit Summary Report
Detailed Item Export Report
Location Deposit Status Report
Daily Deposit Summary Report
Deposit Details by Deposit NumberClient User Export Report
QuickBooks Receive Payment Export Report

Cheque-Pro compatible scanners**

In order to use Cheque-Pro, you will require compatible cheque scanners at your business locations. Cheque-Pro will support multiple scanner manufacturers and models. You can choose to source your scanner from CashTech Currency Products Inc. (opens external website in new window) Talk to your RBC account manager about preferred pricing available for RBC clients.

Is Cheque-Pro for you?

  • Do you spend a lot of time traveling or fees on couriers to make deposits?
  • Do you spend a lot of time preparing daily deposits?
  • Do you have multiple offices depositing cheques on a daily basis?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Cheque-Pro may be an ideal solution for your business.


Contact Us

For more information about Cheque-Pro and how our cash management solutions can benefit your business, contact us.


1) Access to funds is subject to Royal Bank of Canada’s hold policy and limits.
2) Data, information, and images are available for a limited time.
*Only available using RBC Express online banking
** Scanners must be purchased separately. The monthly service fee will be charged per scanner, and debited to your designated RBC CAD or USD business account for the number of scanners used by your business. Your fees will also apply for account transactions and other services.