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Account Reconciliation

Quick and Efficient Daily Reconciliation

Daily reconciliation ensures the quick identification of fraudulent activity. To accomplish this and to complete other reconciliation steps more efficiently, we offer a variety of reconciliation tools.

The most cost-effective and efficient method of reconciling your accounts is by using a daily data feed of transaction information from the bank to perform your reconciliation internally. A variety of tools are available to accomplish this including:

  • Our Partial Reconciliation Service provides a data transmission of cheques presented to the bank over your designated period of time (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly etc.).
  • Reconciliation data exported from RBC Express Balance Reporting and uploaded to your internal systems.

If you require a full reconciliation service, our positive pay service, Disbursement Auditor, includes daily reconciliation, as well as fraud prevention through daily notification of cheques presented to RBC Royal Bank that did not match your outstanding cheque file.

We will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate combination of reconciliation tools for your business.


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