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Bulk Interac e-Transfer

Send payments quickly with just an email or mobile phone number

With RBC Bulk Interac e-Transfer, you can send electronic payments in a batched process via email or text message to payees anywhere in Canada. Bulk Interac e-Transfers can be used for same day or next day payments, payroll for temporary staff, company rebates and much more.

Why use it?

  • Saves time and money. By migrating from cheques, reduce the manual administration of writing or printing system-generated cheques, snail mailing and reconciliation.
  • Keeps you informed. Daily reporting lets you know the status of each Bulk Interac e-Transfer payment.
  • Flexible delivery. Funds can be sent the next day or you can even make it available to the recipient the same day - and that can be a competitive advantage for your business.
  • Safe and secure. The unique security question means only the recipient can access the funds so no more cheque fraud and costly write-offs. Plus, funds are transferred exclusively through the Interac network.
  • Supports your brand. You can reinforce your brand by adding your business logo in the e-Transfer notification to your customers.

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Features at a glance

Features Details
Flexible payment requests Choose from two type of payments using one service:
  1. Same day (usually within one (1) hour) – up to 1,000 payments
  2. Next day – up to 10,000 payments
Payee management You only need your recipient’s email address or cell phone number for text notification
Convenient reporting Multiple types of reporting sent by data file for easy reconciliation and status
Simple payment cancellations You can send one or multiple cancellations to RBC for processing in one file
Branding & Messaging Include your own branding and optional messaging with your payments
Payment limit Maximum transaction limit is $10,000

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