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Commercial Banking > Cash Management > Receivables Processing > Electronic Chargeback Reporting

Electronic Chargeback Reporting

Update Your Information and Improve Your Cash Flow

Chargebacks occur when you deposit a cheque to your business deposit account that is subsequently returned by your payor's bank. They are an unavoidable reality that can have an enormous impact on your cash flow.

With our Electronic Chargeback Reporting service, you can turn the intensive manual process of dealing with chargebacks into an easy automated process by receiving an electronic data file or report file of information for chargebacks.

If you want to:

  • Update your own database, quickly and conveniently, with information on the items that have been returned to you, including the reason for the return
  • Find out about returned items sooner so that you can take action
  • Streamline your processes by automating updates
  • Better manage your cash flow
  • Improve your billing by returning the item to your billing stream sooner

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