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Basic Fees

Features/Options Fee

Maintenance Fee

RBC Client $15.00 per month
Non-RBC Client $25.00 per month


Fax $1.25 per report
E-mail $1.25 per report

Bill Payment Delivered (per bill payment based on monthly volume)

1 - 100 $0.065
101 - 1,000 $0.060
1,001 and over $0.055

One Time Implementation Fee

Corporate Creditor Implementation Fee $125.00


  • Enrolment as a Corporate Creditor on RBC Online Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, and Branch Banking.
  • Enrolment of standard account validation checks (i.e. digit check, length validation, valid starts etc.) and voice recording. Programming of customized account validation checks may incur additional fees.
  • Forwarding of application to other Canadian Financial Institutions and Credit Unions as requested by your company.

Corporate Creditor fees outlined in this schedule apply to customers setup with delivery option of fax or email, where RBC is not consolidating the bill payment process.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) fees are applicable for customers set up for consolidated processing that receive remittance information directly from RBC via EDI. Please contact us for more information on RBC’s EDI services.

Other Financial Institutions (FIs) may also charge Corporate Creditor or EDI delivery fees for bill payment processing.

Money Service Business (MSB) is considered a high risk industry due to the nature of the financial services they may offer. As a result, MSB enrolments may require additional review and fees.

Corporate Creditor Fees are subject to change from time to time with prior notice to customers.