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Receivables Processing

Save Time and Money Collecting Your Payments

Our receivables processing solutions give you more control around the timing of your deposits. Plus, they will give you the ability to accelerate your cash flows - like customer payments

icon Cheque-Pro™

An electronic cheque depositing service that allows you to deposit cheques into your CAD or USD business accounts through RBC Express online banking or RBC Online Banking for business.

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icon ACH Direct Payments

Automatically collect recurring or periodic, fixed or variable receivables in Canadian or U.S. dollars from your customers.

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icon Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service

Save valuable time and improve your service by enabling your customers to submit bill payments electronically.

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icon Electronic Chargeback Reporting

Streamline your receivables process by automatically updating your database information when chargebacks (or returned items) have occurred

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icon Wholesale Lockbox

A business-to-business receivables payment processing and information service designed to accelerate collections.

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Save time and get payments into your account faster

It can often be a challenge to manually accept and process customers’ cheque payments and then deposit them in your bank account. Instead, consider the outsourced receivables and deposit service using RBC Express® Wholesale Lockbox — it’s fast, secure and convenient.
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What you Need - How you Need it

Our cash management solutions are available via traditional delivery methods and via RBC Express - the Internet-based version of our cash management services.

For more information about how these and our other cash management solutions can benefit your business, contact us.