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Lockbox Receivables Service

Free up resources and get payments into your account faster

Does your Accounts Receivable department, receive hundreds of payments and manually accepts, processes and deposits them? Why not consider outsourcing the processing of your accounts receivable? It will free up time and money.

Get back to business with our Lockbox Receivables Service — it’s fast, easy and secure. Even better, it’s more digital than ever with its state-of-the-art online web platform and technology.

Lockbox Video

Keep your business moving forward

  • Multiple collection sites across Canada and the U.S. for same day collection, processing and crediting to your account
  • Cutting-edge technology digitizes your paper invoices and cheques
  • Online portal for easy access to reports, images and online exception processing
  • Easy data integration with intraday reporting and multiple file formats
  • 3 year and premium 10 year archive of items processed

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