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ACH Direct Payments

Reduce Your Costs and Gain Predictability Over Your Cash Flow

If you have obtained pre-authorized written consent to withdraw funds from the deposit accounts of your consumer or business payors, ACH Direct Payments can streamline the collection of these payment obligations on their due dates.

Invoicing and collecting paper-based payments is costly and time-consuming. ACH Direct Payments offers benefits that increase your control over cash flow and reduce your costs.

If you want to have:

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Flexible Payment Management
  • Multi-level approval capability
  • Easier collection of dishonoured payments

Then ACH Direct Payments may be right for your business.


The Internet Advantage

ACH Direct Payments is also available via RBC Express® online banking - the Internet-based version of our cash management solutions.

For more information about how ACH Direct Payments or any of our cash management solutions can benefit your business, contact us.