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Speed Up Business Bill Payments

Trips to the branch, cheque creation, and late fees can be costly and time consuming. However, processing your payables online through Online Banking for business or RBC Express® provides an alternative that reduces the effort associated with paying your bills. Reduce costs, streamline your payment procedures and better predict cash flows by processing your payables online.

Online Banking for business

Paying bills is fast with the Pay Bills and Pay Multiple Bills(1) feature in Online Banking for business. These features let you:

  • Select payees from a list of over 10,000 Canadian organizations
  • Send payments to organizations you’ve established or already used in the past
  • Enter up to ten payments all on one screen when using the Pay Multiple Bills feature
  • Submit payments with the click of a button anytime online

RBC Express

RBC Express provides both the Pay Bills feature as well as the Import feature(1) to make banking more convenient. These powerful features let you:

  • Pay more than 10,000 different billers from the convenience of your computer
  • Leverage a comprehensive approval and permission model
  • Make hundreds of payments to hundreds of different payees(2) in a single file with the Import feature. Plus, you can even postdate the payments
  • Submit payments anytime online on your schedule

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®/ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada.
1) All existing fees and enrollment requirements for RBC business bill payment services are applicable.
2) The exact number of payees listed in a file is dependent on the file format used. The maximum size of single file is 1MB. Payees must be enrolled in the Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service with RBC.