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Importing Services

Reduce Your Risk and Provide Reassurance to Sellers

There are many benefits associated with importing. But there are also some risks. Most notably, whether or not you will receive what you ordered - and what you paid for.

RBC offers a broad range of credit and trade finance services designed to help importers bring goods into Canada, while assuring payment to the seller in the exporting country.

Our International Trade Specialists can answer all your questions and advise you on the solutions that are right for you.


Importing Solutions for Your Business:

  • Import Letters of Credit guarantee a supplier payment for goods or services, provided the terms of the letter of credit are met.
  • Documentary Collections require the presentation of commercial documents, such as an invoice and documents of title, prior to payment to your supplier.
  • Guarantees assure your supplier that you can meet your financial obligations.

Web-based Trading Services

Our Web-based trade finance services, RBC Online Global Trade Services, can also help you manage your trade activities.


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For more information about how our International Trade solutions can benefit your business, contact an international trade specialist.


RBC Royal Bank awarded Canada's Best Trade Finance Bank in 2017