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Reduce the Risk of Fraud from both Inside and Outside Your Company

With RBC Express® online banking, you’re well equipped with preventive checks and balances to reduce the risk of fraud from both inside and outside your company. You can:

  • Minimize the potential for cheque fraud by reducing the number of cheques you use
  • Establish dollar limits on transactions
  • Benefit from advanced security features for all your local and global cash management
  • Separate banking and financial responsibilities among delegated employees and create approval rules to limit account and transaction abilities
  • Create an electronic audit trail to support good governance and reduce your fraud exposure, including reports on when and how individuals have used the system

Protect Your Business with Outstanding Security

Your banking information is protected by multileveled security features and state-of-the-art encryption. With RBC Express you have multiple levels of control, including a rigorous “two-factor” security process using RSA SecureID tokens, plus individual passwords to authenticate users and specific actions.


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