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Banking in the U.S. can be as easy as it is back home

With a U.S.-based Direct Checking account from RBC Bank:

  • Exchange and move money online – instantly and for free1Legal – between your RBC Royal Bank (Canadian) and RBC Bank (U.S.) accounts. See how easy it is to transfer money online
  • You can save $25 for every $1,000 you spend by avoiding foreign transaction fees on your U.S. purchases when you use your U.S.-based card instead of a Canadian-based card, which typically charges a 2.5% transaction fee on U.S. purchases.
  • Get cash at any U.S. ATM. If you’re charged a fee, we’ll reimburse you. Limits apply2Legal
  • Pay U.S. bills in seconds – from Canada or the U.S.

  • You don’t need to be a U.S. resident. Use your Canadian address to open your U.S. account
  • No minimum balance required ($50 deposit required to open)
  • You get 10 debits free per month with a Direct Checking account ($1 per additional debit3Legal)
  • Sign up for eStatements and access your bank statements anywhere, anytime
  • Easily deposit U.S. checks using your smart phone. See how
  • Rest assured knowing your money is FDIC insured up to $250,000 per ownership category4Legal

Open Your U.S. Bank Account Today

As a CARP member, you can enjoy all of these benefits and more free for 1 year! We’ll waive your Direct Checking account fee for 12 months, then it’s only $3.95 a month with eStatementsLegal.

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Canadian Banking products and services are offered and provided by Royal Bank of Canada and its Canadian deposit taking subsidiaries. Canadian deposit accounts in U.S. dollars, such as the U.S. Personal Account and the RBC U.S. Investment Savings Account, are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (“CDIC”). All loans and credit products are subject to approval.
U.S. banking products and services are offered and provided by RBC Bank (Georgia), National Association (“RBC Bank”), a wholly-owned
U.S. banking subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Bank is a member of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”). U.S. deposit accounts in U.S. dollars, such as the Direct Checking, Premium Checking and Preferred Money Market Savings accounts, are insured by the FDIC up to the maximum amount permissible by law. All loans and credit products are subject to approval.
Standard account charges may apply. Maximum transaction limits may apply and are subject to change. Availability of the money will depend on the time when it is sent from Royal Bank of Canada or RBC Bank. Transaction may not appear on your RBC Bank account transaction history until the following day but will reflect the date of transfer.
Standard account fees and transaction limitations will apply. If ATM fees apply, during the process, you will be notified of the fee and will be required to accept the fee if you desire to complete the transaction. Refunded fees: up to 2 fees per cycle for Direct Checking account holders; upon client request.
Debit transaction charges do not include service charges and online fund transfers such as a transfer to a deposit account, a credit card payment and north and south transfers from an RBC Royal Bank account and RBC Bank account in the same name.
Subject to the maximum extent permitted by law. Amount of coverage is based on the account balance and account ownership. For details visit new window).
Based on an average spend of $10,000 per year in the U.S. on a Canadian credit or debit card with a foreign transaction fee of 2.5%, plus two (2) wire transfers per year at a cost of $30/transfer.