Your Phone Learned a New Trick

When you use the RBC Wallet1 app on your smartphone you’re putting the future into the palm of your hand. Use it to tap-to-pay for everyday items just like you would when using your RBC Royal Bank® personal credit and debit card.

How to Pay

Once you’ve set up your card(s), there is no need to fumble with cash or dig for your card when paying for small purchases like coffee or a quick lunch. Simply select your card in the RBC Wallet app hold your smartphone above the terminal, wait for approval and you’re on your way. It’s fast, convenient and secure.

Use it wherever tap is accepted


Look for these symbols at the checkout

PayWave OR Interac

Open the RBC Wallet, select your card (if required) and hold your smartphone to the contactless reader


Wait for confirmation of payment and you’re on your way

Go shop

Get the RBC Wallet app today!

Try out the RBC Wallet and see just how easy it is to make a payment directly with your smartphone.

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