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International Money Transfer

Go online and send up to $2,500 CAD overseas for just $13.50(1) with International Money Transfer.

Just go online—no more trips to the bank or other agency locations. The low cost—just $13.50 for each remittance—is up to 3 times less than other services charge you. And, with International Money Transfer you can send up to $2,500 Canadian dollars in a 24-hour period.

FAQs on International Money Transfer


Send money internationally anytime, with total peace of mind.

If you have an RBC Royal Bank® chequing or savings account(2) and RBC Online Banking access, you can send money 24/7, from anywhere you have internet access to more than 120 countries worldwide(3). Your recipient can usually access the funds within 2-5 business days.

International Money Transfer is convenient for your family and friends abroad. RBC has over 1,400 banking relationships worldwide that allow us to transfer money virtually anywhere in the world in the country's local currency* and, where permitted, in U.S. and Canadian Dollars.

International Money Transfer is a secure way to send money overseas. The RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee stands behind every transfer, no matter the amount(4).

How does International Money Transfer work?

  1. Sign in to RBC Online Banking.
  2. From the Pay Bills and Transfer Funds page, select International Money Transfer from the menu on the left side of your screen.
  3. Then, just follow the on-page instructions.

Note: International Money Transfers cannot be sent from any US dollar accounts or the RBC High Interest eSavings account. If you don’t hold any additional banking accounts, you will not have access to the application.


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1) Additional service fees by any intermediary and receiving bank may apply. Maximum of $2,500 Canadian dollars per transaction per 24-hour period.
2) Cannot remit funds from any U.S. dollar account or the RBC High Interest eSavings account.
3) Not available to recipients in Canada and restricted countries. The financial institution on the receiving end of the transaction may have other requirements.
4) For a definition of an unauthorized transaction and for full details regarding the protections and limitations of the RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee, please see your Electronic Access Agreement (opens new window). This guarantee is given by Royal Bank of Canada in connection with its Online Banking service.
* The list of currencies may change from time to time and without notice.


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