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Assessing your Retirement Resources

Generating a steady stream of income when you're no longer working is one of the biggest challenges you can expect in retirement. And while you've probably been saving and planning for years, you may be concerned you don't have enough to retire. The good news is, retirement income doesn't just come from your savings – you have various resources to draw from to fund your retirement. Here are the most common sources of retirement income:

Expand - Government Retirement Benefits Government Retirement Benefits


Expand - Employer Pension Plans Employer Pension Plans


Expand - Income from Converted RRSPs Income from Converted RRSPs


Expand - Personal Savings and Investments Personal Savings and Investments


Expand - Part-Time Employment Part-Time Employment


Expand - Part-Time Employment Income from a Reverse Mortgage

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Understanding your retirement income sources

Understand all your sources of retirement income

Learn what our expert has to say about managing the building blocks of your retirement income in this RBC Advice Centre video.

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