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Personal Mortgages - Documents for Lawyers and Notaries

For Lawyers and Notaries Only


Alberta: Residential Mortgage Documents

In Alberta RBC Royal Bank can now deliver residential mortgage mandates electronically using Assyst Real Estate solution at

Form # Document Name Website Last Updated:
Word PDF
857 Letter of Independent Legal Advice 09-01-1997 Word PDF
944 Security Agreement - (Security Interest in Consumer Goods) 04-20-2007 Word PDF
1093 Assignment of Site Lease 04-20-2007 Word PDF
1097 Landlord Consent 08-10-2013 Word PDF
3328 Request for Funds (Available in PDF only) 07-08-2019 PDF
3936 Guarantee - Fixed Rate (For CLIP only) 04-30-2015 Word PDF
3937 Guarantee - Prime Rate (For CLIP only) 04-30-2015 Word PDF
3938 Report on Title and Security Update 03-05-2012 Word PDF
3941 Guarantee of Residential Mortgage 04-30-2015 Word PDF
3945 Trustee & Beneficial Owner Agreement - Business 08-09-2006 Word PDF
3946 Trustee & Beneficial Owner Agreement - Personal 08-09-2006 Word PDF
3984 Mortgage - Alberta 06-21-2007 Word PDF
3985 Standard Mortgage Terms (Fixed) 09-28-2015 Word PDF
3986 Standard Mortgage Terms (Variable) 09-28-2015 Word PDF
4174 Possession Notification Letter 04-23-2007 Word PDF
4175 National Parks Instructions 04-20-2007 Word PDF
4176 Builders/Construction Mortgage Instructions 09-22-2014 Word PDF
4177 Report on Title and Security 07-08-2019 PDF
4179 Legal opinion to be remitted to RBC by Counsel to a trust 04-30-2015 Word PDF
4180 General Instructions to Lawyer/Notary - Residential Mortgages/Hypothecs 12-04-2017 Word PDF
4181 CLIP Mortgage - Site Lease Property - Additional Instructions 04-24-2011 Word PDF
4185 Landlord Agreement (leasehold mortgages only) 04-20-2007 Word PDF
4231 Additional Instructions to Lawyer Leasehold Mortgages on Indian Lands 07-19-2007 Word PDF
4942 Letter of Direction 08-13-2013 Word PDF
R3005 Consent to Mortgage of Lease - National Parks Documentation 11-30-2005 Word PDF
300129 Statutory declaration - Alberta Flood Props 10-01-2013 Word PDF

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