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Thousands have Already Switched and Saved!

Why pay more when you don't have to? If you are currently paying prime + 1% on your secure line of credit, you are paying too much.

Switch to an RBC Homeline Plan® credit line at prime + 0.5% and you could save more than $2,700 in interest charges. Here's how:

Amount Interest Rate Monthly payment
Without RBC Homeline Plan® credit line $100,000 Prime + 1% $1,012.45
With RBC Homeline Plan® credit line $100,000 Prime + 0.5% $988.86
Savings With RBC Homeline Plan
Annual Savings $283.11
Savings after 10 years $2,831.12

Charts are for illustrative purposes only.

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Thousands of people have already switched to RBC Homeline Plan and saved with our prime + 0.5% rate. Switch to RBC Royal Bank, and we'll even pick up your switch(1) costs - now that's a lot of savings!

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Personal lending products and residential mortgages are provided by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria.

Interest rate will change as our prime rate changes. Prime rate on September 09, 2010 is 3.000% and is subject to change.

1 We will pay the basic title insurance fee (not including migration fee), appraisals/property valuation fee and one discharge/switch out fee at another financial institute (up to $300 maximum). Offer excludes mortgage payment charges that you may have to pay. Minimum advance $50,000.

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