First-time home buyers

 Help me find a home
Owning a home is a big decision and getting off to a good start can make all the difference. Here are some tools and information that can help.

Buying a home from a builder

While buying from a builder may not be as involved as building your own home, it still requires planning and foresight.

Before you start talking to builders, try to learn as much as you can about working with one.

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Buying A Home From A Builder

Finding the right home

The process of searching for the perfect home can be both exciting and challenging. While you most likely have a pretty good idea of the things that are most important for you in choosing the right home, it may help to document them.

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Taking advantage of first-time home buyer tax benefits

As a first-time home buyer in Canada you may be eligible to take advantage of two great money-saving benefits.

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