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RBC Self Employed Mortgage™

You are on: Features and Benefits

The RBC Self-Employed Mortgage could be ideal whether you are a business owner or self-employed. And, if you have a good credit history and have been in business for less than 3 years, you may be able to finance up to 80%(28) of the appraised value of your home when refinancing and 90% of the appraised value of a home you are purchasing.

Competitive Rates to Help You Meet Your Goals

With the RBC Self-Employed Mortgage, you can receive competitive mortgage rates for:

  • Purchasing a home
  • Doing a home renovation or home improvements
  • Consolidating debt and lowering your monthly payments
  • Financing your other personal needs

Custom Tailored to Meet Your Financing Needs

Whether you need to borrow a little or a lot, we have an option that can be customized to suit your situation:

  • For financing up to 65% of the value of your home, there are no additional fees or insurance premiums.
  • For financing between 65% and 75%, default insurance may be required.
  • For financing between 75% and 90%, default insurance is required.

You are on: Payment Options

Select Your Payment Schedule

When you first set up your mortgage, you can choose from several payment options, including monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, accelerated bi-weekly and accelerated weekly payments.


Choose Your Amortization Period

At RBC Royal Bank, you can select an amortization period up to 25 years for default insured mortgages and 30 years if you have a down payment of at least 20%. Your amortization is the length of time it will take to pay off your mortgage.


Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster

You can also reduce the number of years it takes to pay off your mortgage and enjoy substantial savings by:


Enjoy Other Flexible Payment Options

If you ever need to free up cash for another purpose, you can also skip a mortgage payment once every 12 months:

You are on: Rates and Terms

Special Offers

The RBC Self-Employed Mortgage is available with a variety of rates and terms. Below are several of our current special offers:

Fixed Rate Closed Term Mortgage Rates(1):

Fixed Rate Closed Term Mortgage Rates
Term Posted Rate Special Offers(2) APR
4 Year 4.390% Call for details 4.420%
5 Year 4.640% Call for details 4.660%
7 Year 5.300% 3.440% 3.460%

Required Documentation

Business financial statements or T1 General forms are not always required to verify your income-your Business License or Articles of Incorporation and most recent Notice of Assessment may suffice to support your application. Contact us for a complete list of other documents that can be used.


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1. Interest rate is an annual rate and is compounded half-yearly, not in advance. Interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. Applicable to residential mortgages only and subject to Royal Bank of Canada lending criteria for residential properties.

2. Special Offers are discounted rates and are not the posted rates of Royal Bank of Canada. Specials Offers may be changed, withdrawn or extended at any time, without notice.

The annual percentage rate (APR) is based on a $250,000 mortgage for the applicable term assuming a processing fee of $250 (which includes fees associated with determining the value of the property). If there are no cost of borrowing charges, the APR and the interest rate will be the same.

For mortgages approved on or before October 31, 2015 funds must be advanced within 120 days of date of application in order to qualify for the Special Offer rate.


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