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RBC Alerts are notices sent via email, text message, and/or notifications through your mobile device that inform you about your banking,credit card and budgeting activity. Best of all, they are FREE(1) with your banking account and simple to set up!

With RBC Alerts, you can:

  • Easily manage your bank account, knowing when your balance is low
  • Know when you are getting close to your credit card limit
  • Avoid late fees with bill payment reminders for your RBC Royal Bank credit cards

You just need to set the criteria for your RBC Alerts and decide when and how to receive them — by text message, email, or notifications through your mobile device.

Plus, all RBC Alerts are automatically sent to your Alerts Inbox in both RBC Online Banking and RBC Mobile for your records.

Banking Alerts

Manage your balances and get an RBC Alert, based on the limits you’ve set, when:

  • You have a low balance
  • A large amount is withdrawn or deposited to your account

Credit Card Alerts

Keep up with your credit card activity and receive an RBC Alert, based on the limits you’ve set, when:

  • A large purchase is made
  • You are getting close to the credit card limit you set
  • A statement is due for payment
  • A credit card payment is made

Budgeting and Advice Alerts

Manage your spending according to your plan and stay alerted, based on the limits you’ve set, on:


How to Set Up an Alert

Start by Setting Up Your Alerts Through RBC Online Banking

  1. Sign into RBC Online Banking

  2. Select “Alerts” from the Accounts Summary page.

  3. Under Alert Settings, select “Set Up Preferences”

  4. Select “Add Alerts” next to each account you wish to set an alert for and follow the on screen instructions including choosing how you want to receive RBC Alerts - via text message or email.

To receive notifications through your mobile device:

  1. Set up your RBC Alerts through RBC Online Banking.
  2. Download the latest version of RBC Mobile.
  3. Make sure your device settings allow for notifications.
  4. When you first sign into RBC Mobile, select “OK” when prompted to receive notifications.

1) You may be subject to fees from your mobile carrier according to your mobile messaging plan.