RBC Day to Day Savings®

RBC Day to Day Savings®

Interest Rate22: Tiered

Our Basic Savings Account

A straightforward savings account that pays interest on every dollar invested, and the rate increases as your balance increases.

Account Features
If you’re just starting to save, this savings account pays interest that increases as your balance grows.
Plus, you’ll earn the highest interest rates once your balance reaches $3,000 and above.
Free electronic self-serve transfers, including ATM and unassisted telephone fund transfers, from this account to other RBC Royal Bank accounts in your name26.
Includes free access to RBC Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking4.

Earn interest on every dollar you’re investing

The RBC Day to Day Savings account is a great place to begin saving because as your balance grows, your interest rate increases.

RBC Day to Day Savings Details
Interest Rate22 Tiered
Monthly Fee Per transaction fees
Currency Canadian
Monthly Debits Included6 1 per monthly cycle
placeholder, leave empty
FREE Debit Transactions Electronic self-serve transfers to any RBC Royal Bank personal deposit account in your name
Debits Exceeding Monthly Limit $2.00 each
Interac and PLUS System ATM Network Access Fees3 Interac: $1.50
PLUS System: $3.00 (Within Canada and U.S.)
PLUS System: $5.00 (Outside Canada and U.S.)
Interac e-Transfer $1.00
Cross-Border Debit6,13,14 $1.00
eStatement and eNotifications Including Cheque Images Viewed Online Less Than 90 Days Old FREE
Monthly Paper Statement (Consolidated/Combined) FREE
Cheque Images Returned With Paper Statement $2.00
Access to Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking4 FREE
Access to myFinanceTracker™ FREE

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